I will be adding photographs to this page on a regular basis. We can see how the sky changes delighting us with awesome hues and colors.

The silent power of the twilight hour

The time before the Dawning of a new day and the time before the Sunset are magical moments. Could there be anything more glorious than the sun peeking over the water’s edge, shining it’s light upon every living thing in existence, energizing us with its power……..Renewing us.

Additions 21 August 2020

Additions 28 June 2020

Additions 01 June 2020

When the whole of creation sleeps awaiting the Birth of a new day

Additions 09 May 2020

Additions 27 March 2020

Radiant lights of our Universe

Additions 15 March 2020

The sun is changing or getting closer to the earth. It’s certainly giving us a beautiful display almost every day.

Additions 06 March 2020

Standing tall as the sun begins its descent.

Redgum Forest, Victoria

Additions 14 February 2020

Aurora Australis

The Magnificent Aurora can be seen in the far Northern or far Southern regions of the sky. It is a natural light display that occurs when solar winds disturb the balance in the magnetosphere.

All the colours of a rainbow

Mystical moments

Additions 29 Jan 2020

Gold Coast, Queensland.

Magnificent Moments

Additions 22 Jan 2020

Awakening to the magnificence of the newness of each day…

The animals, the plants, the fish in the ocean, the birds in the skies can feel the silent wonder of Creation Coming to life….if you listen to the animals singing and rejoicing in the magnificence of the Sun dawning its presence once more.

Photography posted on Dawning of Joy/Dusk till dawn are mainly images that have been taken by Zoey Mikulcic.

There are some photographs that are stock Images. All photographs taken by Zoey Mikulcic are original photographs, not to be copied or used.

All photography taken by Zoey Mikulcic is the sole property of Dawning of Joy and is subject to Copyright.

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