silhouette of woman under rain
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” If you don’t dance in the rain with me, you will never be with me in the storm and if you aren’t in the storm with me, I don’t need you in the Sunshine either.”

By Anusha Goel

As the rain pours down releasing the heaviness gathered in the clouds above to renew and rejuvenate us in the dawn of a new day we dance to release the burdens of yesterday. Cry and cleanse the hurt and pain, there can be no gain from holding on and storing it away. So….. come dance with me in the rain….

Let the tears flow freely, dance in the rain….let the fears fall away. As the fears fade, carrying our burdens away we begin to feel lighter and carefree. Somehow nothing seems to matter. Not the mistakes that were made, not the sadness that paralysed us in a dark place….not the people that didn’t like us or thought we were bad….not the guilt, shame or feelings of dread. It doesn’t matter..that was yesterday. We stand grounded in the faith that the dawn will bring the rays of love to make us feel whole again. The rain has renewed us. It has washed away all that is an illusion, a mind game……come and dance with me in the rain.

woman in white dress standing on plant field
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The wind in the willows, swaying, bending, allowing. The wind that moves all things. Pushing and pulling, testing our strength, our roots. Testing us, lifting us, enticing us to leave the ground and fly in faith.

Do you have the courage to fly, to let go, to have faith that your roots will support you? Do you have the faith in where you have been and where you are going? And especially how you will get there!

Dance with me in the rain of our tears so that our roots can grow deep, stand strong to support our branches through the storms of our lives. That our leaves may grow lush and green with the Love and warmth of the Sun to produce blossoms and seeds. The circle begins again.

Dance with me in the rain, let us water the roots of our faith with the tears of forgiveness so that we may spread our branches out wide and sway easily in the winds of today. Dance with me in the rain until the dawn comes and the sun shines again.

We stand grounded in the soil watering our roots with faith that our trunk is strong and stable to support our branches [each other] through the storms of our lives. That our leaves [personal growth ] may grow lush and green with the Love and warmth of the Sun to produce blossoms [awaken our higher selves] and germinate seeds.

woman and man doing ballet dance
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Dance with me in the rain. Be not set in your way. Be not rigid, for your branches will grow brittle and break. Learn to sway and stand in Faith. Dance with me in this moment, in the journey of our eternal lives for in the blink of an eye it is Dawn again….. The rain dissipates, the clouds drift away, the sun comes out… the path is clear.

Let the light of love shine through the rain and the storms of the day. Be the sparkle and warmth in everyone’s way. Be the love that emanates from your gaze. Dance with me in the rain….

Grand Old Oak

gray trunk green leaf tree beside body of water
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The Grand old oak, entwined and strong. It’s roots a foundation, deep into the earth.

Through the storms it remains faithful, protecting, and standing stable.

It is one with the earth and hears her thoughts, it yields to her energy.

Dancing through the storms in time, bending, reaching, growing in the eternal wisdom of life.

By Zoey