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Don’t go back to sleep

There is a place where all worlds meet. You will find me there. Don’t go back to sleep. As the veil between worlds thins. Don’t go back to sleep!

There is no time for All is NOW. The dawn casts it’s light upon the the darkness, all is exposed and revealed. A step forward, a step back. Your choice will take you to a new place. A new point of reference, a new page.

World’s meet in this moment. The wall’s are thinning, unravelling, revealing the Oneness of all things. The present, past and future meet. I call your name, I remember you through the spirals of time. Don’t go back to sleep!

The Earth is in labour giving birth to new ideas, to new systems, to a new way of life. She is open, arms wide, embracing new possibilities, there is hope. Everything is happening Now. Don’t go back to sleep!

I Remember You

I remember you. I remember you for thousands of years . I remember you from all the lives we have lived. I remember you for all eternity.

You and I are man and woman. We have drifted apart. We have forgotten who we are. We have lost our way. The memories have been buried in the shadows of our minds. We have forgotten the Love that we came from, the Love that we are. We have closed our heart’s to one other.

Our mind’s have taken control, closed our heart’s and, we fell asleep. It imprisoned us in the darkness of our unconscious beliefs. Our heart’s guarded and closed to unconditional love, afraid to be hurt again. Remembrance of conflict and heartache and love held in vain. Thousands of years of suffering held in our DNA. Don’t go back to sleep!


Your heart knows the way.

Run in that direction.


Memories of worlds torn by greed, control and the need to succeed. Conditional Love, fear of intimacy, dishonesty and betrayal made us harsh and rigid. Man and woman at odds with each other.

I remember you for all the lifetimes we shared.

The fruit of our love gave birth to the new. Memories….. The seed’s of our love created our children and we lived in the Garden of Eden. Don’t go back to sleep!

Friends, Family, Sisters, Brothers, Mothers, Fathers and Lovers. I have been All of these at one time or another. In the depths of our Souls and deep in our memories we are each other. Don’t go back to sleep!

Masculine (Man) and Feminine (Female). I remember you. I remember you for thousands of years. You are me and I am you. Don’t go back to sleep!


Melody of the earth is changing as she awakens from her deep sleep. She becomes aware of her dreams. I remember her and she remembers me. Our connection is deep like the roots of The Old Oak Tree. She remembers ME. Don’t go back to sleep!

She seeks harmony and balance. All is happening as it should be. All is well as the birds sing each day for the dawning of a new way. There is hope stirring in the belly of our earth Mother. A magnificent being. Don’t go back to sleep!

Rhythms of the seasons are changing, rhythms of the seas are moving, rhythms of the stars are aligning. Man and woman awaking, stretching, yawning to create space for the new world dawning. She dreams of Love and friendship. The old world slips away like a thief under the cover of darkness, while we sleep. The old ways die, it is time for the new world to arise. Don’t go back to sleep!

Close your eyes and breathe. Ask and you shall receive. Open your heart to Love, the pain is gone now, it belongs to another lifetime. There is only Love. There is only Now. The heart knows there is only one life that lives forever. The Soul is eternal and infinite…. there is no death, for death is a transition to another life…. a life that has no end.

Don’t go back to sleep!

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I am one with the rhythm of the earth

I am one with the harmony of the earth

I am one with the melody of the earth

I am one with the present, past and future

Playing in the Now.

Don’t go back to sleep……

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  1. Good to catch up with your latest writing & see the different shades of points of view that the current world situation has given. Keep writing! Lots of love ma xxx KS

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