Dawning of Joy

By Zoey Mikulcic

Dawning of Joy
The dawn of creation
Skies of blue, sunbeams of gold,
A treasure to behold.
Enchanted by the light of living sunlight,
Blessings of a rainbow, mysteries unseen.
Scents of roses, pristine grace.
A remembering of faith.
Sunrises, a powerful potion,
Of love, growth and devotion.
Radiant sunlight, reflections of grace.

Sunlight, starlight,
Memories of long ago,
Awakening to wisdom,
buried deep within.
Remembrance of truth,
Of unconditional love.
The powerful magic, of imagination,
Roses are red, and other colours too.
Blooms of beauty from the heavenly realms.
Expressions of love and light.
, the dawning of joy,
Living light of pure delight.
Divine inspiration for all of creation.