Fountain of Life

Fountain of life, waters from the heavens and the earth.

A journey through the corridors of time, the cleanser of energy and clarity of mind,

Ever-flowing, boundless, reaching far and wide, unshaken by time,

A sacred elixir of life, love, and growth,

The bringer of Heaven on Earth,

Oceans, rivers, and seas flowing with prosperity.

Through ancient eyes I see the balance of all things in the the fountain of life.

Water, the blood of the Earth, her veins are the rivers that run through cities and towns, giving life to all that surrounds.

Her body, just as mine is mostly water like I see in the oceans and seas … she is just like me!

To love her and care for her, to treasure her I do the same for myself. I care for my body and treat it with love and respect…

I nourish myself and consume the light foods, and the higher attitude. To help our earth I must help myself, for I am part of her, and she a part of me.

Together we shall become the Divine, higher being that we are destined to BE.

by zoey

All the rivers flow

All the rivers flow into the oceans. The rivers are Mother Ghia’s veins, flowing with her life giving waters. The fountain of life, the same fountain that gives life and flows through our veins. We are One with our earth mother.

To heal her polluted waters we must heal our own bodies eliminating harmful substances, foods and fluids. In this new age of sovereignty we know what to do, we know that each sentient being is part of this movement, this grand change that is taking place behind the scenes of the earth’s drama.

We are quiet now…allowing our earth mother to rest, to breathe the fresh air, to rejuvenate before taking a step in the direction of her evolution. Helping us to also step forward into the evolution of humanity and a New way of living and being.

Let the rivers flow into the sea.

Open yourself to love

Let yourself be free.

And the Seas ebb and flow

Something from the Author ✨

Where the waters flow you will find me.

The beach is my favourite place, I love the sound of ocean waves crashing onto the shore. Calming and soothing, cleansing my Soul. Here is where I feel most at home, more myself.

I am in touch with nature, my true self. The salt water is healing and nourishing my body, the sun is recharging my energy, while the wind carries all my cares away…. I am Free to Be Me.

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