Twilight Magic

Twilight magic plays in the sunset, before the night. There is magic all around me, the colors shift and the light plays, it alters what I see.

The veil between dimensions wanes and I glimpse the shifting of time.

The merging of the past, present, and future, stardust, starlight, moonlight, the present, just a dream.

Wonderous places of beauty and serenity. The lushness of the forest, a canopy of green, fairies and gnomes and magic of unicorns….all that is unseen.

Reflection of the moon in a stream, feelings of excitement, and the possibility of all that exist in the twilight of my dreams…..

Treasures of crystals, gold, and magic, stories told for centuries.

Could it be twilight magic, where all things exist? In the twilight hour, the magic is perceived, bringing forth into being all that I believe.

The magic of the moonlight, whispering of the breeze, singing of nature, confiding in me the omnipresence of reality.

Magic is all around me, and sometimes I see. When I am at peace and joyful, it comes through me, to surprise me, to delight me, to set my spirit free ….

To believe in the magic of the twilight and what can Be.


By zoey
sky lanterns
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Something from the Author

Last night I dreamt I could float, at will, just letting myself go. Floating from my home to another world.

I had this dream before when I was about 12 years old. It was one of my regular dreams. I felt at peace, and I loved the view, seeing far and wide. Today I feel that I am rising above the old way of living and perceiving the world around me. It is a message from my higher self to guide me on my life journey.

Somehow I know this to be my truth. There is a knowing within that our world will never be the same… it is changing and evolving. Just as each one of us is evolving and becoming a higher consciousness being.

I trust.

I am reading Crystal Stars 11:11. by Alana Fairchild. A book of Crystal healing, well being, and protection through the crystals Mother Nature has provided. If you are interested you can find the link Here

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