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Like the Phoenix I rise from the ashes of transformation. Rising to welcome the New Dawn of the Golden Age.

Through the pain and sorrow of what was, the tears fall.. the tears of transmutation.

Walking through the shadows of my mind, expecting, grasping for the known and the familiar….

Facing my fears with gratitude and grace, I call upon the cleansing fountain of Our Earth to set me free from doubt.

Tears of joy fall from my eyes, cleansing, clearing, feeling, accepting what was…


I rise like the Phoenix, taking the Wisdom of experience into the dawn of the ever~present Now.

I give thanks to the roots of my past, my ancestors across all time and space, from the beginning.

I move forward in Joy, Trust and Glee.

For yesterday is a memory, tomorrow never comes,

All there is, is the Timeless Now moment filled with endless possibility of what can BE!

By Zoey
A magnificent rainbow

Something from the Author ✨

AS the words flow, from a place deep inside, that I am just begging to hear, I feel the presence of who I am, my true self, my spirit.

THere is a silence where no words need to be said, yet I know something more, something I am Remembering.

MUsic fills the air, all around me and, a sweet smell of Spring Flowers….Nature’s Love Potion, indulging the senses. A delightful distraction to take me somewhere I have never been……

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3 Replies to “Like the Phoenix”

  1. Your words are beautiful Zoey, awakening to the remembrance of the glory of who we are. Sending love and warmest wishes to you 🙏💙

    1. Thanks, Miriam
      When you walk through the darkness it reminds you of the light and joy of being yourself🌻and that power that lies within..stay in love and joy💖💖💖

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