When you Love Someone

The best love

The best love is the kind that awakens the soul; that makes us reach for more; that plants the fire in our hearts and brings peace to our minds.

That’s what I hope to give forever.

~The Notebook

When you love someone.

When you love someone they are always a part of you. The love that you feel towards another being comes from the soul and is the recognition of the other-self. It is like looking in a mirror. When you love someone it is forever because love is not limited or bound by time or space. Love is eternal and timeless. Love always exists, because love is all there is.

The love that is shared between souls, it is mirrored within the relationship. For the loving, kind, and compassionate relationship it is a love reciprocated. Meaning both are behaving in a loving manner, allowing one another space, understanding, and compassion to grow in Body, Mind, and Spirit. Within this relationship, both people are forgiving and open to mistakes being made and are willing to communicate through the everyday issues that arise. With openness and honesty holding the other in the highest regard and acceptance. Both knowing that life is a learning school and mistakes are inevitable.

Love with your heart

What is Love?

What does it mean to really love someone?

Love is patient and kind and has no boundaries.

Love is seeing the other person as yourself.

Love does not expect perfection yet sees the perfection within everything.

Love accepts what is and allows the becoming of all things.

What do you expect from yourself?

What you expect from yourself is what you expect from others. How can we expect others to conform to our ideas of how we want them to be? How can we put rules and regulations in place for others, yet we are not willing to follow ourselves? Love has no boundaries, no rules to follow. Love is the greatest energy there is. That is why when you love someone you go above and beyond…..

I am always the child that loves unconditionally

In unconditional Love

Real Love is unconditional and does not depend on being good all the time or doing the right thing all the time.

A loving relationship is generally seen between a parent and a child. The parent knowing the child is learning and so does not blame the child for the mistake. We rarely see this form of love as most of us have grown up being guilted and shamed by our caregivers.

Take some time to reflect on what it means to really love someone..

We have lost that loving feeling towards each other, therefore lost that loving feeling towards ourselves. To love another is to love yourself. We have forgotten that we must love ourselves first and then the gift of love overfloweth to others.

Be Love and Grace

In self ~ kindness

I think about this all the time and ask myself if I am being kind to myself first. In the kindness you give to yourself you also can share with others. Where you are being unkind to yourself, you are also unkind to others!

It is important to honor yourself first. Decide to be your greatest love and treat yourself well….for through this love of self comes the love of others. Love who you are, no matter where you are at, at the moment.

You are a gift unto this world, we all are. Each one of us a Divine spark of our creator, living life through our unique perspective. That is a gift to the world and to each other.

Be the light and the love that leads the way, that reflects real love.

“I Love You means”

I accept you for the person that you are, and that I don’t wish to change you into someone else.

It means that I don”t expect perfection from you, just as I don’t expect it from me.

“I Love You” means that I will love you and stand by you even through the worst of times.

It means loving you when you are in a bad mood or too tired to do the things I want to do.

It means loving you when you are down, not just when you are fun to be with.

~ Deanne Laura Gilbert

Look into the mirror for you are me.

Letting go in Love

Letting go in love is trusting in the Universe and that everything is in Divine order no matter what it looks like. when you love someone set them free.

To most of us loving someone means protecting them from themselves. It means protecting them from making their own mistakes. It means keeping them safe. It means they are not capable of making their own decisions and that we know better and, what is right for them.

When you love someone you allow them to make their own decisions even their own mistakes. You honor their choices and let go in love, never trying to control what they do or the choices they make. This however does not mean you cannot make suggestions or give advice. In fact, when you love someone you look out for their best interest and help if you can, allowing them to make their own decisions.

Love like a child.

Love ~ evoL -ution

Love~ evoL- ution is using love to evolve. Loving unconditionally gives you a higher potential to change and evolve. Learning and understanding that the other is just a reflection of me with forgiveness being the key that unlocks all the doors to Heaven on Earth.

Every choice holds a life lesson and promotes the spiritual growth of the Soul. By allowing each person to make their own choices we are allowing the natural unfolding of the Souls journey to remembering that it is part of the One Unified field of consciousness. Our life lessons shape and mold us and are crucial to our evolution.

When Love blossoms

Through the eyes of Love

Love and be loved. You are perfect just the way you are.

Be light-hearted and forgive easily.

Listen with your heart and love boldly.

Accept others as you accept yourself.

To create a better world first we must recreate ourselves.

Love unconditionally.

All the unique colours are me.

Allow Love to flow freely and easily, release the burdens of the past, the perceived wrongs, and hurts that block the flow…

Be the change you want to see around you…… watch everything around you change


Thank you for your presence here. Shine bright your light.

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