Sunrises and Sun Kisses


The first rays appear on the horizon. In hues of vivid colors ranging from orange to purple to blue to gold, it rises to spread its glory upon the land. As the darkness of the night is slowly illuminated by the golden rays of light it falls into the shadows to await the coming of the night.

As the sun rises each day I feel a sense of joy and energy. With the singing of birds in the early morning hours to announce the rising of our Sun in all it’s glory and magnificence. The birds know the magic that lies ahead in the unfolding of the potential that is revealed throughout the coming hours. They are not afraid as they bask in the sun’s brilliant energy, the life-giving force that we take for granted most of the time, expecting it to always be there, but rarely acknowledging the truth of its power.

Majestic dawn

Sunrise upon the horizon, Sun kisses upon my cheek.

Sunrise upon the horizon, Sun kisses upon my cheek

Source of life, love, and all of creation

I bask in the glory of the rising of the sun

Stepping out of the shadows that have haunted my soul.

The sun kisses my body and I feel the rising of my energy

Brilliant golden light, the bringer of the new, time does not exist

A renewing, a remembrance of what is and will always be, the eternal moment of mystery and endless possibility

In the golden hour of the sunrise, in the Now moment, the power lies, in the Sunrise

It is the arising, the Dawn of a New Age, the remembrance of love and unity, the remembrance that you are me……

By Zoey

It is not only the birds but all of life that is abundant on our planet and relies on the sun’s energy to sustain it. Sunrises hold unspeakable magic, the sun kisses our face and body with its warmth and encircles us with its loving arms to warm our hearts, and bless us with life as we awake from our slumber. How incredible is our Sun!

Sun kisses

With Sun Kisses of love I grow and thrive through all the seasons of my life. Sun and air are life energy, just as soil and water are Mother earth. One cannot sustain life without the other. Here the Yin and Yang work together to create everything around us in harmony and balance.

The sun kisses my forehead in the rain, in the sun shower. I bathe in the fountain of life, just as I am kissed each morning by the loving energy of the sun. I am adored and nourished as I grow and thrive in the light of the sun’s love.


I am One with the Sun,

I am One with Mother Earth,

I am One with the Fountain of Life,

I am Sun kissed each dawn on my birth upon the Sunrise,

I am renewed, rejuvenated, reborn every morning,

I rejoice for I am forever reborn…

Wake Up early and watch the Sunrise, Allow the Light of Love to enter your heart. And wait for the first rays of the Sunlight to kiss you good morning before you start your day and feel yourself change…..

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Thank you for your presence here today.

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Sunrises photographs taken by Zoey.

Some photos are courtesy of Pexel free images: