Adventure~The spice of life

Let’s spice it up!

Adventure is the spice of life. Let’s spice it up or shake it up! Don’t die with the adventure still in you! Adventure is calling you to be bold, to take a chance, to dare to be you. To live the life you have always wanted. To live the life you have so often dreamed of…. So what’s stopping you?

Let’s spice it up. Let us take a little bite, taste it, savour it. Dwell with it, enjoy it, love it or hate it, at least you have had the courage to try it! All the spices provided by Nature, to thrill and delight you, to rejuvenate and entice you. The adventure that life offers are the spices of our lives, to those who dare to take a bite…

In the seasons of your life the Universe offers opportunities for you to taste the newness that comes with the light of the dawning of a new day. In the rising of the sun and the beginning of each day the Universe holds her hand out to be your guiding grace. She asks that you embrace whatever comes …have a taste… sprinkle some sugar on it or perhaps some pepper, if you like.

Adventure~Touched by nature

Look out of the window of your life, look out to this country we call home. There is so much to see and experience in our lives, while we are here. Allow yourself to be touched by nature. Open yourself to the magic of this land and the people. The Universe is waiting for you to take the leap!

Have you ever been touched by nature? The feeling of wonder and ease, love and peace. Adventure brings you into harmony with nature and your natural state of being. Nature connects you to the Oneness of all things.

Have you used the phrase “One day” for most of your life? Waiting and waiting, for that day, somewhere in the future of your life when all your ducks are in a row and you have time, money and courage to follow your heart?

For so many of us it just never seems to be the right time for that adventure. No time for that all-important holiday or trip to the country, or fun with your loved ones. Don’t wait for that “One day” that never comes…..

Adventure~A sprinkle of spice

Adventure is what keeps us alive. Life renewing itself through each one of us. Expanding and growing, broadening our minds and opening our hearts. Feeding our Souls with the lust for life and giving us reason to want to be alive. Look through the window of your life…what do you see?

All the spices, herbs of all kinds, from countries all around our earth, used in dishes to spice up our world. Adventure is our spice of choice to experience all that life has to offer.

Spice it up with some chilli to ignite the fire within your soul, to have courage and to be bold. Cummin or ginger, paprika or Himalayan Pink Salt to entice your taste buds and allow the flavours to explode. Look around the corner, take a step and go with the flow…..

A sprinkle of spice to light up your life. All-spice, vanilla and cinnamon, the sweetest delights to indulge our senses and taste buds….. Like laughter and joy, music and dancing, getting lost in the moments that help us remember what it means to live. Deep and meaningful intimate conversations. Friends and lovers getting to know one another. These are the richest spices that we want to savour and taste, over and over again…….

Adventure~The spice of life

Adventure..the spice of life.

Running on beaches, salt in my hair,

Watching the sunset and the stars appear,

Magic of a moonlit night,

Breathing in the crisp cool air.

Adventure, the spice of life,

walking free in meadows and forests,

scent of daisies and bluebells fill the air,

taking a chance just because you can.

Adventure is growth, adventure is fun,

adventure gives you freedom to be and

to do it all, again and again….

By Zoey

Adventure~Is calling your name

Adventure is the Soul calling your name. Take the journey and find out who you are, what makes you happy and where your heart lies. Take the chance to get to know yourself…you might be surprised at what you find on the journey of self-realisation.

Think of all the things you would love to do, list them and find a way to do them all. There is nothing to lose…….Love like it’s the first time, dance like you’ve never danced before, express yourself and say what you need to say.

Sprinkle some spice on each day of your life and watch the magic come to play. See the perfection in everything, see the greatness in the Divine Timing of each moment…..allow it to be and go with the flow.

Adventure~The Sparkle

Adventure rejuvenates you, it gives you hope. Adventure is the sparkle of the sun’s rays warming your skin, energizing your heart to the frequency of the earth. It is the adventure that gives you that sparkle in your eyes and the bounce in your step. It’s the adventure that keeps you young and vibrant. It is the spice that kick-starts your movement forward….forward to self realisation, the sparkle of your Soul.

Don’t let life pass you by just working and following a routine. Stop and listen to your inner voice that wants adventure, that wants to be free, that wants new experiences….Seeing new places, walking up mountains, diving into the ocean, eating food from different cultures, cruising the Atlantic Ocean.

Dancing all night, sitting by a bonfire under a carpet of stars. Walking to the edge of the earth. Sailing into the sunset. Swimming, gardening, cooking, and definitely enjoying your favourite cuisine….. All experiences, gifts from the Divine. Life is for living your greatest dreams, for you’ll never be here in this time or space again as YOU…..

Adventure~Reach for the Moon

Reach for the Moon, reach high and don’t be shy. If you don’t make it to the Moon you’ll land among the Stars. Reach, reach higher, reach for your desires. Reach for where you want to be and where you want to go. Reach for that dream that makes your heart sing , that puts a huge smile on your face.

Adventure, the spice of life. let’s spice it up. All the adventure’s are here to be experienced. All the spices have to be tasted to know which spice is going to remain part of your life, and which you prefer not to indulge in again!

Life is an adventure, a journey of experience, so spice is up and give it a go, or you will never know if it’s something that gives you great joy or a one time thing. Don’t be afraid to let go.

What’s the alternative?

Sit at home and rug up, stay safe and maybe live for a long time.

Staying safe

I would rather have adventure and experience the world than live a long time not doing much at all……staying safe at home.

It is only when we reach the end of our journey in this life time that we acknowledge our regrets. We look back on all the things we wanted to experience and wish we had more time. Don’t let the years pass by and hold regret for all the things you could have, should have and, would have done “One day.” Let it be Now

A friendly fox that approached me at Mount Macedon

πŸ₯€ Something from the Author ✨

I was in my mid forties before I realised that life and time was passing so fast and I hadn’t even begun living and exploring the world. With experience comes loss and pain as we outgrow people and places and look beyond the horizon to know ourselves and to find out what makes us unique. Each experience is a sprinkle of spice…just which one are you going to sprinkle on your life today to put a smile on your face and joy in your heart? I wonder…….pick one and make a start, then try them all….You have the rest of your life…….

Moments to be cherished

My daughter Krystal arrives from the United Kingdom only days prior to the passing of her Grandmother in a nursing home in Fawkner, Australia. Krystal and her partner Liz, are taken to self isolation for two weeks as soon as they reach Australian soil. Krystal receives permission to see her Grandmother for the last time, the day before her passing.

You can read the post in the link below ~

Just be true to you… Follow your heart and your feelings… don’t let anyone tell you you can’t. Anything is possible when your follow your joy. Sending love and blessings. Take an adventure and spice up your life….

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  1. So warming, uplifting, inspiring and playful. How divine: “walking free in meadows and forests…scent of daisies and bluebells fill the air”. Thank you for the adventure! May there be sunshine, the beauty of nature, happiness and love πŸŒžπŸŒΌπŸŒ·πŸ’šπŸ’›

  2. We are all free to experience life to the fullest. Walking in nature resonates with my heart and gives me peace. Adventure is the school of life. Experience everything at least once. If you don’t give it a go you will never know if it is for you or not. Sending sparkles of sunshine and clouds of hugs. Have the most beautiful day 🌷🌻🧑

  3. Inspiring and uplifting post that makes me want to throw my arms up in the air and embrace life with every ounce of my being. Thank you for taking me on a journey of adventure and discovery through your words. Loved it! πŸ˜πŸŒΉπŸ’•

    1. Where would we be without the adventure in our lives. It is like the blood that flows in our veins and the sunshine that warms our skin. Adventure is evolution and knowledge. Try a little spice and bring joy to your lifeπŸ§šπŸ„πŸšπŸŒž

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