Candlelight/ Light of life

As we walk on this path we call life, we honour those that are passing on to greater heights. May they be at peace and in harmony with their destiny.

They leave with us the knowledge and wisdom of their experiences which shall be remembered by all the lives they have touched.

It is only a stepping stone, this land we call home. When we go from here, a new life awaits, to be filled with love and light- candlelight….the light of the Soul.

A tribute to Marija Sare..


Candlelight in the infinite entwined

A creation of the Divine

A flame burning brightly with eternal life

A Souls journey through the corridors of time

In Love and Joy, and even the tears

The candlelight glows in Glory.

A place in the sun surrounded by loved ones,

Love that touches the depths of the heart.

Through winds of change, sands of time,

Sunflowers and butterflies in the Summer of our lives,

Whispers of Love that echo beyond the sunrise,

A light returning home to its place among the Stars.

An Angel receiving wings of eternal life.

As we say goodbye….or just see you when we meet again in the field of stars, way up high, Where heaven resides.

Beyond the veil that covers our Eyes….

By Zoey

Something from the Author 🌟

In Remembrance of Marija Sare,

Grandmother to my children Krystal, Danielle and Anthony, Mother, Sister and my Mother in law.

She loved deeply and gave selflessly to her children and grandchildren her love and her time.

With gratitude for all the time she gave to look after her grandchildren, playing and laughing and always hugging. She holds a special place in our hearts.

Blessed be her soul and may we meet again, one day, among the stars in the evening sky….

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