Our ancestry, our legacy

Our Ancestry is our legacy. The vast spaces, the rolling hills, the birth of nations, forests and oceans were created through imagination. As we step into the Age of Aquarius we are becoming conscious of our ancestry and the legacy of information, of wisdom from the ancient civilizations that is here for us to be realized.

HIstory is the version of past events that people have decided to agree upon.

~Napoleon Bonaparte~

OUR Legacy has always been here at our fingertips, hidden in plain sight. Splashed across cave walls by the Natives and Indigenous people, the believers, the dreamers, the caretakers of the the land. In every continent stands in perfect view, Wisdom and information waiting to be unveiled, waiting to be Remembered.

AS we walk towards our heritage and delve deeper into our Spirituality we realize just how much we really don’t know about Our Universe and our place and purpose within it. Especially the doorway between dimensions and worlds, history is not what we have been taught!


Are we only dreaming?

In the dream world, in the real world. One foot in each, for both are real and both are dreams. We live in an Awakened Dream state, for each dream can become a reality. And reality can become a dream or a nightmare.

~ Zoey~

We have wondered and marvelled at their paintings and arts for decades and asked” What are they trying to tell us?” The Egyptians, the Mayans, the Greeks and throughout Asia, depicted in statues, monuments and buildings of ancient civilizations, stories of the rise and fall of nations.

STories of Gems and Crystals used in retaining energy and information. Future’s told through the placement of planets and constellations. The belief that all things create in unification. As we step into the new Age of Aquarius we have received wisdom and clarity to put us on the path to change history.

AMazing monuments have been constructed to help us remember who we are. Our ancestry is Our legacy…how did we miss it? For centuries they stand treasure chests of information….we are just beginning to translate the information and look beyond the suface.


We are the creators

The sound of thunder pierces through the silence, and flashes of lightning luminate the skys.

Rain pours down in the darkness, moonlight shadows at play on the great lakes of the nations. Sounds of crickets and whispers of the wind calling us to expand.

The Universe speaks softly, I feel her pain and her grief a world that sleeps, she longs for change.

Sighs of boredom, cries of pain, of memories held in vain.

Teadrops of a child that knows not why, but feels a need to cry.

Longing for a smile, a hug, or a look of love to cushion the pain.

Lost in the emotions of harsh words untrue, scars of memories of resentment and hurt, emotions buried deep in the earth.

Rise and shine in all your Glory for this is not the end of the story. You are perfect now, all will be revealed, shine your light for the darkness to see, be the lighthouse, the guiding light of liberty.

Play little one for you are here to bring Heaven to Earth, Love to the wounds, and to dry up the tears.

You are the love that flows in our veins, the river of life, the only energy that remains when all is said and done, as we pass away.

Listen to your calling, the feeling of truth , listen to the wisdom of stories told. The stars and the sunrise and just know, the beginning of a New Era has begun to unfold….

~ Zoey~


We are turning toward the light, to a life of our making. And so leaving behind the shadows that have enslaved our minds and our bodies. We carry the past, the mistakes that were made by those that have passed away, the Karma that must be repaid. The knowledge cherished and kept alive by beliefs and thoughts that just don’t jive. Prisoners of shadows kept in the dark.

THere is much here that we do not see, It’s here, It’s present, yet we cannot perceive it! It is in the Ancient cultures .. the spiritual, the magic, the eternal mysteries of the Universe….I CAN FEEL IT…..SO CAN YOU….

WE study history and revel in it, proud of all that has been achieved. Look where we are, amongst such beauty and delight, fighting for our rights to survive. Our legacy…. Our ancestry. It’s time to breathe out the old and breathe in the Golden Age of Sovereignty with integrity, authenticity and unity of purpose within our planet.



We have longed for transformation, we have longed for freedom, we have longed for Heaven on Earth.

THrough the spirals of time we pass in each life, between dimensions of Dark and Light, through doorways into experiences, ever entwining like the roots of a tree. Climbing the staircase of our Multi-dimensionality. Have you really looked at a circular staircase? What Can You See?

STories of history and times of revolution told in stories, movies made and produced. Literature has been written and bedtime stories read to our children. The imagination has been nourished and nurtured before we lay down to sleep, to encourage creation and to dream big. To transform our world into Heaven on Earth.

LEgends have been celebrated, of warriors, knights and kings who have had their Glory creating transformation for humanity. Our legacy resides in the ages that have passed, in knowledge and beliefs that have been shattered and outcast. Can you see the light of a new dawn on the horizon, a new sunrise, lighting up our world to Heaven on Earth?


Corridors of time

Like the butterfly that emerges from its cocoon, ready to start life with a flap of its wings and starts a new thread of events.

AS I emerge through the corridors of time, my life, the empty void of time and space, the STARGATE. A gateway to anywhere I want to go. I just have to set the dial to the time that I want to bring forth from my memory…

THE STARGATE….. The gateway that can take you back in time or forward into the future. I used to watch this series many years ago and now I know why it intrigued me so! A doorway to adventure and possibilities unknown, excitement and danger, of ancient civilizations and untold treasure. Of information and knowledge that would save nations…. Now I know why I loved the adventure!


IT spoke to my inner knowing, my truth, my wisdom. It ignited curiosity, of knowledge untold. Information of All the Ages. A Living Library constantly updating…

AS we open the doors in the corridors of our minds we are unlocking the information. Thousands of pages of information remembered in a single moment unfolding before our eyes… like magic..

MEmories of life- times coming to life in movies, stories, engravings, and paintings. Mysteries of the Ages remembered by Sages, Mystics, Monks. Knowledge passed on through generations until the rest of us are ready to remember and know it’s truth …


Something to remind us, we are more than we think.

A movie comes to mind…The Lion King….a children’s movie by Disney, that most adults love, as I do. Specifically the part where Mufasa speaks to Simba as a spirit and Simba has lost his way. Do you think there is a message in this children’s movie? We have been given messages…. but we don’t see beyond the fun, and the fact that it’s just a kids movie we say!! This part gives me goosebumps……….. Take a look and see for yourself.


SHine bright your soul light, for you are the reflection of the stars in the sky and the light of the sun…… BECOMING ONE..

Something from the Author

Thank you for visiting Dawning of Joy,

Writing had connected me to something much bigger than myself. The words flow easily through me. It’s almost like I don’t have to think at all.

Through my writing I have found there is no time…endless hours pass as I write pages of information that I never knew existed. I express my feelings and emotions through this creative process and I am in Joy of every moment. When the words don’t flow, I don’t write. It is pointless to force something that isn’t flowing with ease and grace…. it means I am not in the right space and time for the energy to flow freely. Then I take a break…

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8 Replies to “Our Legacy”

  1. A brilliant piece of writing which explores many facets of history as well as how perceptive one can be when our personal histories and experiences are explored. Taking the opportunity to learn & grow ourselves during these challenging times. Thank you for sharing your insights with us. Keep inspired!

    1. Thank you Krystal,☘️history has so much to teach us. We have barely begun to uncover the knowledge hidden in plain sight. Sometimes we have to challenge the information we are given and taught to decide for ourselves what is true for each one of us. Sometimes we have to make our own path instead of following others’ perspective and truth, after all, we have eternal life, so we have all the time in the world. Sending love that echo’s across time and space to the UKπŸ’“πŸ’“

  2. Your poetic words in “We are the creators” in this post are so tender and touching. “Teardrops of a child that knows not why, but feels a need to cry.” – how sad and beautiful…and everything. πŸŒ³πŸ’›πŸŒž

    1. That child is me before healing from my childhood wounds and then after the healing. The knowing that my experience was meant to be to help me realise who I am. History repeats itself until you learn that everything is created for you, for your evolution.
      Thank you for your sparkling presence πŸ’ŽπŸ’ŽπŸ’Ž

  3. Brilliantly written Zoey. I believe that many of our so called β€œfairy tales” contain far greater messages than what appears on the surface. And this post? I can feel how effortlessly the words flow, from your core. Thank you for sharing your insight and gift with the world. πŸ™πŸ’™

    1. Life is but a dream Miriam …..Sometimes it’s a fairy tale and other times it’s a nightmare..all depends on how you look at it. Nevertheless every experience has something hidden in plain sight for us to unveil and learn from. It’s a bit like a treasure hunt. You never know what’s lurking around the next corner, you just take the leap of faith and believe. Hope you are finding this time of isolation joyful and peaceful. Thanks for shining your light, it is much appreciated. πŸ’›β˜˜οΈπŸŒž

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