Waves of change are rolling in. It appears that our world is standing still. Our lives are always changing we just don’t notice it. We have been too busy running around, so to speak. Waves of change can be frightening, like the waves of the ocean, overpowering and engulfing. For most of us, it is much easier to remain in the shallows where it is safe, to never step into the deep, to never take the risk, to never know…...

We call this security, planning and knowing what is coming next that keeps us in “Groundhog Day.” We need it, we crave it and we stress when we don’t get what we know, what we are used to. It’s a fear of the unknown. The waves of change are in ebb and flow, just as our lives are forever changing.

Perception is everything

Your perception is your interpretation of the events, people and places. There are two sides to everything. The Yin and the Yang, Love and Fear, Male and Female, Up and Down, Hot and Cold and so on….they are two sides of the same coin.

Surfing the waves of change takes skill, strength, courage and commitment. How do you perceive change or diversity? Do you seek for solutions or do you focus on the problem?…. do you blame others or do you take responsibility? Do you make jokes about everything?

When you make jokes about everything, you are masking the fear of facing anything that makes you feel afraid, insecure, and uncomfortable.

Diving deep into the shadows, into the vast depths of the ocean where the ego fears is life-altering. Surfing the waves of change takes courage and a desire to overcome your fears. Here lies the treasure chest of glory, the glory of healing and transformation, the fearless adventure of the unknown….Do you dare?


To give way to the opportunity of higher consciousness we must go through the tunnel of darkness. The darkness of our unconscious mind where the jewels are held. This is often known as “The dark night of the Soul.” This is the doorway to higher ground, to higher awareness. It takes courage to face the unconscious aspects of yourself, these are buried deep in the ocean of your mind and within your energy field. The Universe is offering you your highest potential in every challenge, it’s up to each one of us to find out what that is.

Looking deep inside creates an opening for change. Often this stage has been bought about with the experience of great suffering that your Soul brings forth for your evolution. In the midst of this stage, it is hard to understand what is really happening for you. In the light of truth, these are great moments of learning, to learn to ride the waves of change. Within this period of growth, the ego will put up a fight for control. It will fill your mind with fearful thoughts to ensure you go no further. Diving deep and surfing the waves of change, overcoming fear and lack are death to the ego. So jump in!

Challenges arise

Being pulled down by the waves of change provide the space for self awareness and self reflection, if you have the courage to look within.

I recall the many waves in my life where my beliefs were challenged, my perception of myself was challenged. As each wave challenged my security, my perceptions of the world around me, and my truth I was guided to go deeper.When challenges arise, sometimes I held my breath, sometimes I panicked, sometimes I found it hard to breathe, and most of the time I broke down in tears. As I found my way into manageable waters I would often allow myself to get pulled back into the currents of fear and of other peoples life situations. I thought I had no control over my thoughts or actions. I thought everything was happening to me…. and others were controlling me. I was unaware of my power.


As the raw emotion of wounds carried forth from generations are brought into the light of awareness, to be cleansed and purified, the Soul is released from its hiding place. Like a diamond unearthed, washed, cleansed to reveal the shining magnificence. To shine its light for all to see, a sign of love and ecstasy. Like diamonds we are buffing and polishing our edges with each healing our light shines brighter and brighter.

We are the stars of the earth, the guiding lights,the grounded ones. We are the Below, as the stars Above are the grand mirror to our Souls….


Everyone needs a friend, we say, do we really? Have you ever noticed that when you ask for a friend’s advice on something, that you struggle to follow that advice? You know the best way forward, we all inherently know, we just don’t listen to our own intuition! Solitude helps us tune in to our own intuition and shows us how we can indeed trust ourselves with every decision. There is no fear. Be in solitude and find yourself…

The importance of being alone is underrated. Yes, we are a social species, but, being alone has enormous benefits. Being comfortable in your own company, relying on yourself, knowing you are capable of looking after yourself.

Power within

Welcome the waves of change, breathe, remain calm and ask yourself…. What is the Universe showing me here? Where do I need to shine the light of awareness, and what unconscious belief am I holding that is not serving my highest good?

Wait for the answer in stillness and calm. The answer will come. Being alone is a gift. In solitude, there is no-one to confuse you. There is no-one to feel sorry for you, to understand you, to give you validation. You learn to trust yourself and your choices, no matter the outcome. Make the choices that create each step in your reality. You are the only one. This is the power you have, that each one of us has. In solitude, you know that you are the one that has the power to create your world and all that surrounds you.

In the waves of change we are born again and again, unlocking the deeper levels of our consciousness, remembering the enormity of our Universe, galaxies and stars. Born to the ever-changing Now, guiding us lovingly into self realisation and awakening to our own incredible power that resides in the depths of the ocean. The drop, the wave and the whole ocean ever entwined, ever the One….

Life is a timeless journey. All we have is Now

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7 Replies to “Waves of change”

  1. This post is like a brilliant-cut diamond….every facet of it is like a wide window open to the soul… to let the light in….open to love and glory….and all possibility. It is a thousand-fold blessing πŸ™πŸ’™πŸ’›πŸŒΌπŸ•Š

    1. Thank you for your ever-inspiring words that give me great pleasure and joy. Knowing that my posts are lighting the fires of the Soul to shine and express love and joy… in gratitude… sending much love and peaceπŸ¦‹πŸ’›πŸ¦‹πŸŒŸ

  2. What a beautiful post Zoey, illuminating how we can ride these turbulent yet exciting waves of change. Your words of love, beauty and possibility are a gift. Thank you πŸ™πŸ’™πŸ’¦

    1. We are in exciting times, it’s all happening around us and through us. Thanks for being here on this journey of high hopes and fulfilling dreams. In joy and gratitude.πŸŒŸπŸ¦‹πŸŒŸ

  3. So much encouragement here! There certainly is a lot of change all around us now. I hope we can surf those waves and arrive at a better world than the one we left behind.

    1. We are definitely heading into a better world, we just have to embrace the change and go with the flow. Keep on holding the light and smiling. I am enjoying this time of solitude, going within and making some life changing decisions. Sending blessings and peace πŸ’šπŸŒΌπŸ’š

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