In surrender, I feel peace and serenity. In surrender, I feel creative imaginings. In surrender, I welcome new beginnings. In surrender, if feel my heart sing……

To surrender, what does this mean? To surrender means to trust in the source of the unseen, in mystery, magic and, fantasy… allowing one another the space to be.

In surrender, I have faith in the unseen. In surrender, I can be me. In surrender, there is nothing to do. In surrender I allow the Universe to create the best opportunities for me. In surrender, there is a feeling of complete trust in what is meant for me.

In surrender, there is ease and grace, and acceptance of what is but also a positive outlook on diversity, change, and a deep knowing that everything is meant to be. In surrender, the Universe has the reins and you are ready to receive whatever comes your way.

I feel like I am in Surrender Now.

Finding peace

Sort of, in a way, we have been forced into a form of surrender. We have no control over what is going on at the moment and we see this as negative. What if we chose to surrender to what is right now, what is, in every moment and make the most of this time we have been gifted. In surrender, we find the lightness of heart and joy of knowing all is well. Looking upon this situation as a blessing in disguise in order to focus inward, to look deeper into how we want to live our lives and who we are. Now that would be a magnificent adventure of the spiritual kind!

Maybe we haven’t had the time, or even the need, or most of all, wanted to look inside ourselves for fear of what we will find! Maybe the fast pace of our world has been the very thing that has prevented us from being conscious of how we have been living. In surrender we are tuning into the grace of higher consciousness, to open the field of possibility to offer experiences into higher realms. Maybe this lull is heaven-sent to allow us to find peace and our true essence.


Becoming your new self, enchanted by the possibilities that arise from diving deep within. Every day uncovering a new aspect of yourself….how exciting. A treasure hunt with puzzles and tests to pass, riddles, and treasure’s to uncover, gemstones, crystals, silver, and gold. Each precious stone with powers to behold. A journey of discovery of the Soul.

In children’s movies and books, tales of mysteries never solved. Blessings of rainbows that end with a pot of gold. Treasure hunts, fairies, unicorns, princesses, and knights in shining armor. Legends of mystery and fantasy throughout history, in all the lands near and far the magic of stories, passed down through generations. All signposts for what has been … if you believe!


The imagination of childhood innocence and truth, ripe in fantasy. Tales of love, magic, treasure, and friendship all in the realm of reality. The simple joys of tales of good witches, stallions, dwarfs, and princes we have forgotten in our imaginings.

Shall we be brave and open our hearts? Embrace our child-self with a big hug and declare; This is Me!! With loving acceptance and dignity to all that has been, to surrender to the Now and all possibility. To imagine a different style of life for ourselves, to recognize the value in every experience that has led each of us here, to this Now.

Live in the moment of spontaneity, go with your heart, allow it to take the lead, step into the unknown of your reality. Live in the moment. “Make each moment count” -Leonardo De Caprio. Titanic… πŸ’™

To making it count!

A New Earth Rising

The warmth of the sun, salt of the sea, soil of the earth, winds of clarity. Climb the nearest mountain, find peace, raise your energy. Align yourself to great happenings. Kisses on the forehead, love of a soulmate. Moments of silence, pure delight. A new life birthing, just out of sight. Whispers of glory and magic to behold. A New Earth rising like never before

By Zoey

In the love-light of truth, integrity, and alchemy of our Mind, Body, and Spirit we are remembering our power, we are remembering that we came to this planet of physical experience with the intention of remembering. We chose to come, to be the change, to transcend the darkness into the light. To stand in courage and sovereignty, to create a new world, a new reality……

Awakening to the nature of who we really are. The power we have is in the moment, in every moment. It is not in the future when we get to some other place or time of our lives, it is only ever here and now.

See the “Magic of Our Earth” and all that exists within. Create wonderful magical moments in your life, see the magic that already exists in everything. As we look to the unseen for guidance and clarity we raise our energy into the realm of higher possibilities, our destiny, our legacy. Shine bright your lovelight dear soul and know something wonderful is being unveiled before us in the stillness, in the renewal of our wisdom, in the falling of the Autumn leaves, in the Sunbeams…….

Life is a timeless journey. All we have is Now

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8 Replies to “In Surrender”

    1. Thank you Sara…I have found inspiration in my life and sharing it, is a blessing. I feel blessed to be here for the great unveiling of our New Earth… sending love and blessingsπŸ¦‹

    1. Thanks my beautiful girl. Sharing knowledge with each other helps us all evolve and grow.Sending kisses across the oceans and love unbound with the whispers of the wind, and much blessingsπŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“

  1. Thank you for your sparkling presence here today. In love and gratitude for all that is meant to be.

  2. Beautifully written Zoey. Lily is right, sometimes all we can do is give thanks and appreciate all our blessings. πŸ™πŸ’š

  3. Thank you Miriam, if we look we can find the blessing in everything and everyone in our lives.
    In love and peaceπŸ’šπŸŒ»πŸ€

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