Love-the mystery of creation

Mysteries of creation, you see it in everything. In the sand, in the soil, in a flower, a shell, a rock, a tree. Love is is the answer to every question there was, is and will be. It is life renewing itself. Colors of the rainbow, loving, creative energy. The creation of everything. Whispers in the willows and the sounds of the sea. Loving nature is the greatest power there is.

To me, Love is the greatest of these mysteries. Love, a power that creates all things. Through the power of love, we are united. Love is nurturing nourishment, and need. Love is the greatest feeling there is. Love is boundless, fearless and strong. Love is expressed in all of creation.

The passions of your heart ignite your imagination. Mysteries of creation, the dawn of the ages, wonderment, and delight burning brightly. Love is the fuel that ignites creation. What you love or are passionate about, is where you focus your energy, your creativity. Where are you focusing your energy? Focus on what you love, what you enjoy for this is where your creativity will flow.

It is no wonder that when we focus on our passions we succeed. A designer, an artist, or dancer, among many of the creative arts ,show us that channeling your energy into what you love can create wealth. Many artists start out placing great energy and focus on their chosen passions. Nurturing, perfecting and fine-tuning their chosen art before they reach magnificent heights, fame, and fortune. We are all creators of the arts, painters, musicians, and dancers. We are creators and the artists of our canvas, we call life. Paint the picture that you want to see and watch it become your reality.

Dance of life

Dance with me, learn the steps, dance with life, it is a wonderful challenge. Focus, imagine and nurture your passion to create anything you want. The mysteries of creation is the dance of life, the dance with the Universe. Creation is happening all around us, in every moment in time.

Are you creating your life knowingly, or are you creating by default?

The real mystery is how to dance with life. How to dance to the music you love instead of dancing to other people’s tune. The mysteries of creation have us going around in circles, asking why me or why not me…. but really it is all up to you, you are the master of your ship and the wind in your sails, the water, and most importantly you have the steering wheel and the compass!

It’s your life and you choose the path that excites you, gives you joy and moves you forward. Don’t copy your past, hold onto fear, never take a chance because things didn’t work out last time. Don’t copy the past and paste it into your browser to create a future same as the past. Search for new places, new interests and follow those passions you have placed in the “too hard basket” for who knows when……


Memories of the past, that keep holding you back, asking you to remember, to backtrack. To put shackles on your feet and cuffs on your wrists, to keep you bound for as long as you exist. Let go of the past and take some risks..remember the good times and trust yourself. Embark on a journey, a journey of discovery and of truth, a journey to the center of the Universe….. YOU…..

By Zoey

When the love in your heart is glowing in the light, and the things you possess don’t mean that much when you let go of attachments to people and things of the past, you unlock the door to the mystery of creation, Your imagination….

Autumn – releasing the old

Unlock all the doors, open the windows, sweep out the cobwebs and de-clutter your house. Allow the power of the sun to cleanse and revive you, endless possibilities to excite you. In this magic moment, you create space for the Newness that the Autumn cleaning brings. Like the leaves on the trees are dropping away, rejeuvenating and dormant for the winter, re-energizing so they may flourish again in the Spring of their lives. A space for …joy and New Beginnings.

We are opening our hearts and minds to the enormous possibilities that life has to offer. In the stillness of our lives, we are discovering ourselves and what is important. What we cherish in our hearts and that we are capable of great things, even in the midst of life-changing adversity. how we can Love and help one another through anything.

Remember we are all made in the image of our Creator, a creator that is Unconditional Love and Forgiveness. Trust that everything that is happening right Now has a greater purpose that may not be clear as yet. Be at peace and know that all will be revealed in Divine Timing.

🌼I invite you to listen to this video that I am sharing from Youtube. A gift for you in this time of great change.

The Journey

The real mystery lies in our journey into ourselves. The great journey to the centre of the earth, the centre of yourself. The mysteries of creation are within us….within our hearts. In the moments of silence and solitude we have been given right Now that I feel a sense of calm and peace. I recognise that this time of stillness is a gift from the Universe. It is a gift from Mother Nature.

What do we do with this gift?

Well, I am making the most of it and remembering who I am. I am opening myself up to what is and allowing it to be… this time we have, is a chance in a lifetime. We are all given this opportunity to know ourselves, to go deep within and discover what life is really about for each one of us. I am finding out that everything is possible and that there sooo many choices here and now, at any one time, and that I get to choose which road I want to take.

It’s time to take break free from the mould and live our lives the way we want…after all we are here on a journey of self-discovery…we are eternal….so what do we have to lose!

Shine your rainbow light for the whole world to see. It is the Mysteries of Creation that gives us life, hope and adventure. The Love in our hearts and the passion in our veins that create the joy in our lives and give us a reason to be, to breathe and enjoy each moment knowing there is more coming. Knowing there is a New Adventure on the Horizon……..

Life is a timeless journey. All we have is Now

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4 Replies to “Mysteries of Creation”

  1. I feel as though you’ve just taken me on a beautiful journey of awakening and self discovery through your words here Zoey. Almost like a meditation, I feel revived and empowered from reading your words. Beautiful, powerful and profound. Thank you so much. Sending you lots of love, light and blessings. 🙏💕✨

    1. That’s wonderful Miriam,
      Thank you for being here and for sharing your sparkle 😊Life is a beautiful journey and we only have the here and now…In this time of isolation we have a great opportunity to look within and find out who we really are. it really is a great time to be alive. Hope you are looking forward to all the wonderful changes coming in this lifetime. Keep shining your light. Sending hugs and blessings.💚

  2. I love your thoughts on love. Love is a creative force, uniting us all. To me, one of the most significant phrases in the Bible is this :” God is love”. Not God is love-ing. God is love itself.

    1. I think Love is the most powerful force in the Universe. Yes God is Love and so are we. That makes us powerful love creators.In gratitude for sharing your sparkle. Take care during this grand time in our world. Sending Love-light and joy 💚

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