Rise and Shine

The Lighthouse in the mist, stands tall, upon the cliffs, above the waves. Solid and unwavering. It’s light shining bright in all directions, piercing through the darkness. Marking the boundary between land and sea. The gateway home for all to see.

Rise and shine your light. You are a Lighthouse on the rocky shore of today’s stormy seas, stand tall, stand firm, trust and believe there is a purpose, a reason that we cannot yet see.

Rise and shine. Be the guiding light for those caught up in the over-powering waves and undercurrents. Be the lighthouse of love shining bright for all those who can see the shore so they can find their way home.

Be the lighthouse in the mist, stand tall, steady and strong, unmoved, unshaken, by the things going on. In the midst of chaos, waves, and wind, of thunder and lightning, don’t crumble, don’t fall. Shine your guiding light and stand tall.

Can you be the lighthouse standing strong and tall, shining your light for all?

Shine your Love-light

Stand in faith, knowing and trusting that it must be.. be at peace.

Calm and collected, stand.

Do not be swayed by the crashing waves, rising waters, strong winds, thunder, lightning, and rain.

Raise your frequency and change the channel, Pray

Keep shining bright your Love-light

By Zoey🌼

Be the lighthouse of love and faith….for those who are fighting the currents and waves. Help them find their way. Stand firm, a lighthouse unswayed by all the distractions of every day, the drama’s that are played. Stand tall, stand unscathed.

There is so much noise. It is hard to hear. Silence is needed so you can hear the music in your Soul. Hear your heart beating, listen to what it knows.

Rise and shine your light for those who can see, be the lighthouse of love in the darkness, in dis-ease. Rise and shine your light for all those lost, so they may find their way home.

Listen to your heart

Home into your heart, speak your truth, into your internal world, your internal home. The journey home is a treacherous one, filled with danger and risk. This is where the treasure chest lies and the ego/shadow will fight for control, will fight for its space within, don’t listen to its loud thundery display, turn and walk away. Listen to your heart, it has much to say. It is your internal pyramid of light.

Rise and shine beautiful Souls, rise above the adversity that you face. see the bigger picture. Embrace it and have faith. It is a tall order, to be the lighthouse of love. It took time to build your foundation and dependable wall of strength. It took courage to face your hurt, your wounds, your shadows. It took forgiveness and love and oh! so much Faith.

The Heart-light

Most of all it took time to learn to love yourself unconditionally.

So stand tall, shine your heart- light for all the world to see. It’s graceful and humbling, yet so powerful. You’ll see! Don’t give up on us, on humanity.

It’s scary, it’s magnificent, it’s new, it’s cool, face the shadows of your youth. It’s liberating and long overdue! Grow, choose a new path, take it to the next level. Breathe deeply, rest awhile, life is an endless journey, there’s no rush. Elements of Nature are here to help us along the way. The Universe is working for us through the Earth, Wind, Sun, and Rain.

The most powerful tools in the Universe. I am Remembering!🌼

Back to Basics

Is it time for us to go back to basics? Have we gone too far? Have we become so egotistical and materialistic and forgotten our roots? Forgotten that Mother Nature provides for us all. For far too long we have been unaware of how we have been destroying the world we live in. We are just beginning to see the impact that humanity has had in the cycle of life and energy.

Maybe it’s time for us to go back to basics and rebuild from there. Only this time we pay attention to Mother Nature and do things that are in line with Nature and the Universe. It feels like Mother Nature is taking back her power. Everything is slowing down, we are stopping, we can re-evaluate. So we can find ourselves, our true selves once again.

Does your history make you, You?

Who are you? What makes you, You? Your history? His-story[her story] Your story makes you, you. Your story that you tell, that you believe makes you, You. The story of your life that you experience through your eyes using the physical filters of your body. What you were taught, what you learned through observing those around you and the things you own. I thought that once, not so long ago. Truth is, none of that is me. My history does not make me Me. Not the real Me.


I think, therefore, I Am….. I Am, therefore I think. Which One is it?

My perception is how I see things and how I see myself. Filters I look through, listen through, feel through, talk through and taste through. That makes some sense. I make decisions every day through one of these filters and that creates my reality. Looking through these filters I make decisions about what I believe to be the truth for me. None of these are really Me. I am much more!

Listen to your heart

I am a Spiritual Being. It is highly complicated yet extremely simple that the Mind cannot understand it. Listen to the heart who knows the true you, who remembers your Internal, Eternal Life Story. Who knows that you are One with all there is.

Listen to your heart, have faith in adversity as it is your Crowning Glory. Have faith that all is happening in Divine Timing. Know without a doubt that all is perfect in every Now Moment. Trust in Our Universe that we are all valuable pieces in the puzzle we call Life. We are part of the bigger picture and each one of us is needed to complete the picture.

In these times of dis-ease be the lighthouse of love for all those searching for the light in the darkness, lost out in the treacherous sea of everyday life. Be the lighthouse radiating your light so they may find their way back home.

Stand tall Now, stand at ease, be the lighthouse of love that shines bright, illuminating every dark corner calling home those lost at sea.

Life is a Timeless Journey. All we have is Now🌼

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5 Replies to “Lighthouse in the mist”

  1. Thank you for sharing your perspective so eloquently. What we are currently experiencing in this world at the moment is absolutely devastating. More than ever it’s a huge wake up call from Mother Nature who’s trying to find equilibrium in all the chaos we’ve created. Humanity as a race is entirely responsible for the repercussions we are seeing today. Life as we know it has changed. Keep safe. Lots of love x

    1. I feel blessed every day for the people in my life. Thank you for your open-hearted words. We share your concern and acknoweledge that we are all part of the problem here on Mother Earth. We are also part of the solution. It is time for change and bieng kind to each other and our Mother Nature is where we begin. Sending waves of love to you across the ocean💚

  2. Beautiful post Zoey. Profoundly thought provoking and evocative and words that are filled with hope. We are indeed all lighthouses and capable of shining our own light in these dark troubling days, if we choose. Our earth is healing, Mother Nature is taking a rest and perhaps, just perhaps, there are rays of light for us all after this. Take care, stay well and keep sharing your beautiful light. We’re all where we’re meant to be. xxx 🙏

  3. There is bright light all around us as the sun is gathering momentum. This is a monumental time as we shift into a new way of life. Our earth is on reset, the winds of change are increasing too to make way for the new. We are all going within to heal. Keep well and listen to your soul..and shine bright your love-light 💚

  4. Thank you for this light-filled awesome post of great encouragement 🌻💜 I have read it four times now. Each time it fills me with more light, more motivation, more reverence for our Earth and our Mother Nature, and more belief in myself and in all beings that we can be those much needed lighthouses situated all around the world. Your post does much to lift the soul, may it reach far and wide. In love and trust 💜🌟

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