The Golden Age of Sovereignty

The time of your life

Sovereignty is trusting yourself and your inner wisdom. Sovereignty is standing alone and having authority over yourself. Sovereignty is taking responsibility for your life and your creations.

This is the time of our lives. A time to follow our passions. A time to follow the yearnings of our soul. We are learning that we can trust ourselves and our inner guidance, like never before. The change is upon us and we are being tested and pushed to see past the surface, through the veil.

“Together we stand, Divided we fall.”

This is the time of our lives when we are asked to have faith in the unseen. An era of great change to test our faith and beliefs. One thing is for certain, we are in this together. Each one of us has a decision to make. Will, we stand alone, together as one or run from each other in fear and separation?

This is the ultimate test of faith, it’s here and Now!

Our hearts are opening to higher possibilities, to Love and Joy of living our lives in passion and compassion. There is an opportunity here to help one another with respect, love, and compassion. What will you do with this gift of sovereignty?

Time to look within

Close your eyes, Clear your mind,

Be still and find, Clear the slate,

Find the Love, Time to create,

A life of pure delight

by Zoey
As above, so below

Nature is nurture

Nature speaks without saying a word. In the stillness, nature nurtures us with its glorious silence. It nourishes and cleanses our energy field. Use your sense of feeling, close your eyes for maximum tuning and feel that which cannot be put into words.

Feel at one with nature. It is simple yet many of us do not spend enough time breathing in the fresh air and just being in nature. Nourish your mind and your soul in nature.

For many years I went camping with my family. Being free in nature, living with minimum and relaxing, swimming and fishing. These times were liberating and peaceful. Sitting at a campfire in the late evening with a canopy of stars illuminating the sky, was a spectacular display never failed to amaze me. Listening to soft music, light conversations, laughter, and a little dancing. Remembering those times in nature puts a smile on my face. It feels like only yesterday!

The power of silence

Being present in nature is healing and therapeutic.

Just you in the midst of nature.

Sit in nature.

Soothe and calm your body, and your mind.

Take time for yourself and embrace the power of silence. Feel the lightness in the sky above, the sun kissing your face, shining its light on you. Through you, it becomes you. You become it too! You become one. It feels magnificent, doesn’t it?

In silence, you feel who you are, what really matters and at one with all of life. Allow the silence to speak louder than the thoughts in your mind. In feeling the joy, in not thinking, you know you are on your way to Self Mastery.

Mysteries of the dawn

Majestic dawn
Mysteries of Dawn

Silence is one of the greatest mysteries of dawn. Many of us distract ourselves from Silence. In fact, any form of noise is a welcome distraction. the louder, the better. Loud voices, loud music, loud volume on the television, loud machinery. It is deafening and we don’t even know it!

In silence, in the mystery of the dawn, you discover yourself, your true self. This is when you discover your true power. It is a journey that takes you to another place, a space within you. A place that has been waiting for you to become aware of its existence.

Dusk Till Dawn

Magical moments

In the silence of the dusk, I feel the magic of the day, the movement of energy slowing down. I am complete, I am whole. The sun dips into the distance gracing us with a final display of powerful energy as it makes it’s descent and evening approaches. The sounds of the day are winding down as the silence of the night like a cloak covers everything in sight.

The moon makes her graceful appearance,

the stars come out to shine,

to guide the travelers of the night.

by zoey
All the colours shine
All the colors shine!

Finding the rhythm

As I sit beneath the pergola of my mother’s home, surrounded by nature I hear the gentle whisperings of the wind, secrets of long ago…....

Often I sit quietly listening to the sounds of dusk. A bird singing goodnight or in flight to its final resting place for the night. They know something, they go with the flow. Waking with the sun and resting in the night, they follow the natural rhythms and cycles of the Universe.

The birds know something, something we have forgotten. They rejoice in the simple things, they fly free without a care, they don’t hoard their food, they take only what that need at that moment. They know the Universe is always looking after them.

They know the Universe provides,

in every moment of time,

they need only be, knowing, trusting,

this is where the enchantment of nature lies.

by zoey
All the colors of a rainbow


We need to remember the glorious gift of life in every moment. This Golden Age of Sovereignty is the unfolding of our wings, so we may soar, like an eagle in flight, climb to the highest maintain and dive to the depths of the ocean. Learn to trust in the Universe to provide for us in every moment. To trust ourselves and trust our inner compass!

We are releasing out-dated beliefs and choosing new and healthier ways of living with Grace and Gratitude. Just as nature changes and follows the rhythms of the seasons, we too must follow the tides of change that are upon us now. Go with the flow, be easy on yourself and others as we step into this season of our lives.

Autumn is now, its the season to shed the old to make way for the new. It is the season of preparation for the winter hibernation. A time to get in tune with yourself, to rest, and renew.

Just be true to you

Just be true to you,

because that is all you can do!

Stay true to your desires and passions,

Be your own best friend,

Stay in the flow with ease and grace,

Stand in freedom of sovereignty.

We must go with the flow of the Universe, its seasons and tides to enjoy this life!

With Love and Blessings in this Season of shedding the old energies of our past, letting go and Embracing Love. Life is a timeless journey. All we have is Now

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