Through my eyes

I am authentic, I am sovereign. No one else can see what I see through my eyes.

I am a unique spark of the divine source. There is only one of me, with my life experiences, my views, my perspective, and my uniqueness.

I journey through this life, becoming, growing and evolving. Each experience my soul calls forth for my expansion, toward awakening.

Through my eyes, I see what I believe to be true. I am the creator of my life, of my relationships and my reality.

Why question everything?

Question everything. This is how I learn and make choices. I look inside for the answers, for the deeper meaning. The answer comes in stillness, it’s a knowing. I already know the answer, I am just remembering. It is my intuition. I feel the truth in it, I am listening to my intuition, something I have just begun to do.

No time, no way, the hand rushes on, work and the world waits, ten minutes of silence, while the world stops, the task is done.


Through my eyes, there is a great power waiting to be claimed, to be felt, to be heard. It is quiet, yet strong, it has been there all along waiting to be acknowledged, whispering in my ear like the subtle caress of the wind.

Through my eyes every question is important. My intuition has all the answers. It longs to be noticed, like a dear friend that is always there listening to my troubles and giving me advice. Sometimes I don’t listen, nearly always, most of the time I don’t listen. I need to be still to hear.

What do you see through your eyes? What kind of world do you live in? Dive deep inside and find out! Be silent and listen.

Be moved by the voice of nature

The gift of silence

Meditation helps greatly to connect with your intuition. When the mind is still your intuition gets to play the leading role. When the mind, with its logic, takes the back seat your intuition connected to your heart becomes louder and can be heard. Taking the time to allow your intuition to step forward and take control means putting the mind in the back seat.

Through my eyes, we are all here to be of service to each other. We are here to honor our differences. To love unconditionally.

Deep within my heart and soul, I know that I have not lived my greatest life yet. It is in the unfolding, one petal at a time, in Divine Timing, leading me somewhere unknown, somewhere magical.

Through my eyes, there is a great power that surrounds us. Silence Beyond words is the greatest gift that we have been given. The gift of silence.

Befriend silence and you discover yourself. You discover peace and tranquility. Silence rejuvenates and gives respite from the outside energies so that we can go out into the world in balance and clarity of mind. Giving yourself the best opportunity to deal with anything that life brings. That’s powerful in my eyes.

Power of silence

Like a Prayer- Madonna sang

Life is a mystery

Everyone must stand alone

I hear you call my name

And it feels like home

Released in 1989

Life is a mystery

Life is a mystery, there is a message in these words sung by Madonna. She sings” Everyone must stand-alone” Yet we are a social species. We must become sovereign, stand on our own, yet together as One. We must govern ourselves and not use power over each other.

What do we really know about life and why we are here?

The message is loud and clear to me Now….. looking with new eyes, I can see the deeper meaning. I feel the truth in it for me. I feel a great power within these words… Can you feel it too!

Through my eyes, the discovery of one’s self lies in silence.

Can you feel the truth deep within your being? I know I can, I am remembering who I am. As the deep ocean, with its mysteries, unexplored, we are explorers of our own depths and secrets, our treasures are waiting to be discovered. We are allowing our greatness to shine and our divinity to be our compass on this journey we call life as we climb the mountain of self-discovery.

Shining through

I can’t imagine the magic that lies within us, the gift is within us. I think we are in the process of opening Pandora’s Box…… our inner landscape that holds the grandest treasure.

It is our authenticity, our uniqueness. Each and every sentient being is unique. Uniqueness, authenticity, and sovereignty is our Legacy

Look deep within you to find what is true for you, ask questions and be still for the answers to come. Are you ready to receive?

We are in a time of great discovery and becoming Hu-man. It is a time of testing of faith and beliefs.

Spread your wings and your wisdom

We are wondrous beings creating heaven on earth together.

Spread your Wings and your Wisdom.

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