Soaring with spirit is freedom, peace, and joy. A feeling that is not new to me only forgotten and buried in the recesses of my mind. A time long ago when I dreamed each night of soaring high in the night skies. That was when I was in touch with my soul. I know that now.

Wings to fly

I had wings to fly, like a bird. I remember in my early teens dreaming, almost every night of flying while all was quiet and all were slumbering. I willed myself to have the dreams, wanting to relive the mystical moments of freedom.

It felt like home to me, the sky, the stars, the moon. It isn’t unusual for me, to look up at the sky in the evening or night with an unquenchable fascination for the transcending magnificence that we call our Universe.

Embracing nature and the elements

I wonder what the stars look like up close. Are they really planets that surround us, untouchable and distant, like Christmas lights, illuminating the skies or are they the souls of those that have passed on from this place, our earth and gone on to another realm far from here? So far, yet so close. Sometimes on a clear night, I imagine I can just reach up and touch the stars, they seem so near.

I spent many summers camping out at Strathmerton, in the northern region of Victoria, my home state. I longed to stay up late into the night and look up at the grand display of stars spread across the sky, reveling in the splendor before me. Occasionally a shooting star would honor me with a glorious blaze, that would disappear almost instantaneously.

Be lifted, be inspired by the innocence of your youth, by your natural state of being, your spirit, the essence of you in this physical form.

In many ways, the majority of us have cut ourselves off from our true nature. Living in buildings closely knitted together we protect ourselves from nature and the elements. We have forgotten our bond with nature.


“The highest purpose of this body is to use it to wake up to the truth of who you are. If it is for some other purpose, the body is just the pajamas of the being, we are just sleeping in it.”


In my early years, I felt more comfortable in my dreams, flying freely, up high amongst the stars and the moon. I was in touch with nature and my soul, but only in my dreams.

The simplicity of being. I feel it now. I feel it again like I did back then, only now I feel it in my waking life.

Each night as I lay down to sleep I would remember the dream and dream it again. It was always the same, it’s almost as if I lived that night over and over again.

Earth magic

I often walked in the rain, and in storms feeling the magnificent power of the elements. It was rejuvenating, it was beautiful, the lightning, the thunder, nature’s energy magnified as she unleashes her power.

The earth is our home, we call her Mother Nature or Ghia. Mother nature supplies us with everything we need to flourish and sustain us, and all of life. We are part of her and she a part of us.

When our hearts and minds are in tune. When we live our passions we soar with spirit. Spiritual essence is what we are, carrying a physical body, our host for the soul, for this journey, for this lifetime.

As we attune to our true nature, we will attune to Ghia, we will begin to see the magic unfold, ever so slowly. We listen to our heart and our soul whisper infinite wisdom and knowledge of the greater truth. We are One

It is my journey to know myself To look deep within To know love To know courage To know resilience To know compassion To follow my passion To be the greatest version of me

By Zoey

Learn to fly again.

I look at my life with different eyes. The veil is thinning, I love it. I remember the times I spent outside with my sisters catching butterflies and insects, picking flowers, laughing and playing. It feels like a lifetime has passed, it feels like it was only yesterday.

Being outdoors in nature brings out our true essence, our innocence, our spirit. We can ignore our true calling for a time, eventually, our intuition, our soul, will guide us back to simplicity, and back to nature. It is happening. I see it in the sky, in the weather, change is coming!

Soar with spirit as it is your true nature expressing itself in the highest manner. Allow your heart to speak it’s deepest desires. It speaks softly so you must be quiet. Meditate to quieten the mind. With a quiet mind, look beyond the obvious. Spirit is within everything. Spirit is within you. We are all connected through the One spirit /the One source.

To soar with spirit…

be lifted by the winds of change,

energized by the sun,

flow with the river of life,

step through the fire of transmutation,

evolve, grow and become,

rise like the pheonix from the ashes,

To fly on the wings of spirit again…...

by Zoey Mikulcic

Life is a timeless journey. All we have is Now

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5 Replies to “Soaring with Spirit”

  1. My dear sister,
    I think Dawning of Joy is a beautiful website. I love all of your posts so far. This most recent one – Soaring With Spirit – is so kind. It allows, soothes and nurtures. It radiates peace to me. It reminds us how necessary it is to care for ourselves first, before we can truly care for all beings and living things in the world, and for life. Thank you for sharing so much of yourself with us. I can feel your happiness in your words, and your courage, honesty and gentle, caring way shines through them. The photograph galleries you have published are amazing. I especially enjoy the photographs of all your lovely floral arrangements made with love. I can’t wait to see all the surprises this life has waiting for us, as we follow our dreams, and grow in evermore joy.
    From my heart to yours.
    Your sister at Sunrises and Roses πŸ’›

    1. Thank you, my dear sister,
      Your uplifting and inspiring words are received with love and appreciation.
      You have been with me every step of the way on this journey of self-discovery,
      helped and encouraged me to follow my dreams and overcome the many challenges
      that came with creating Dawning of Joy.
      Sending you much love.
      Your sister at Dawning of JoyπŸ’š

    2. Thank you my dear sister at Sunrises and Roses 🌹 You have been my inspiration and my determination. You have stood by me through the worst experiences of my life. The journey has just begun, the journey to the core of our being, the discovery of who we are and what we are truly capable of in this lifetime. Hold on for the love, joy and happiness that is unfolding each day🌷
      Your sister at Dawning of JoyπŸ’š

  2. This is such a beautiful post Zoey written from the heart. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and your gentle kind and compassionate spirit. I wish you joy, grace and peace on your journey. πŸ™πŸ’™

    1. This was my favorite post to date. I was in the flow and the words just came to me. I think we all have a magical experience from our youth that seems a little bit unreal. Dreams are real, we are remembering our mystical nature. Sending love and appreciation for your lovely comment πŸ’š

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